Hi, I’m James Fayton.  My daughter, Diamond, and I are planning a little party on August 2 and would like you to join us for National Night Out.  Here’s the perfect opportunity for you to meet with your neighbors and make new friends.  Mayor Alan Krasnoff  and other Chesapeake City officials will drop by to pay their regards.  PLUS – We’ll have food and games.  National Night Out is designed to get neighbors talking and doing things together that improve the safety of their community.  This event starts at 4:00 PM and will last until 8:00 PM.  If you have some ideas or you feel a desire to be a part of this worthwhile event, please leave Rhonda a message at Atlantic Community Management 757-473-2626.  Rhonda is the Association Manager and she said we could have this party at the clubhouse.
Don’t forget, we really want you to be there with us!
Update your POOL I.D. CARD Info.
If your ID photo is not on file, or your appearance has changed since 2011, then you need a new Pool ID.  Your child’s appearance can change significantly in a year.  Better to be sure than to be disappointed when you’re not accepted into the pool area in June.
click here:  ITA POOL APPLICATION 2016
click here for: POOL RULES

Board of Directors meeting will be held August 9, 2016, 7:00 PM. ***********************************************************************
State Funding for Public Education
The City of Chesapeake is supporting a regional effort to encourage the Commonwealth of Virginia to increase state support for K-12 public education fundingClick here to learn more.


Use of Drones in the City of Chesapeake
The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, are governed by regulations from the FAA.   Visit Know Before You Fly to find out how to safely use your drone.   The City of Chesapeake, by ordinance, does not allow for flying of drones in City parks.   Drone users must comply with all laws and regulations.
Parents in Need (PIN) shop is open in Chesapeake.
Parents who are struggling to meet the essential needs of their young children, ages newborn-six years will appreciate PIN’s help.  They can provide diapers, clothing, shoes, linens, and larger children’s items at their shop.  Services are free and open to all with a valid need.  The shop is open by appointment only on WEDNESDAYS from 9:30 am– 1:30 pm and the 3RD SATURDAY of each month from 9 am– 5 pm.   Click here to see flyer.

Please be aware that ipswichtownvillas.com is the only OFFICIAL website for the publication and dissemination of Ipswich Townvillas Association official business.  The Board of Directors has approved this website, “The Communicator” newsletter, and direct mail contact, as the only three methods of disseminating official Ipswich Townvillas policies, rules, notices of meetings, and general information for the benefit of residents in Ipswich Townvillas.  Other methods are continually being looked at, and may be accepted in the near future, however, there are currently no social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) which meet the Board’s requirements.  Do not accept information provided by any other source as representing the official positions of the Ipswich Townvillas’ Board of Directors, or the Atlantic Community Management Corporation.

The  City of Chesapeake has a new Emergency Alert System.
Please click here to view the information:  Emergency

The board will meet on the following days:
January  12 / February  09 / March  08 / April  12 / May  10 / June  14 /
July  12 / August  09 / September  13 / October  11 / *November  08 / *December  13
*Please note that these two meeting months are subject to cancellation.

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